Rethinking Office Renovation With Following Tips

Office Design

With its robust and bustling economy, Singapore has grown to be a great place to work in. Could we say the same for the workplaces in the Singapore? A place where every interaction is tracked and summed, a place where deals make or break in just one impression. A place where aspirations are high and expectations are higher, such a place, your workplace, how would like that to be? Chic or stylish, elegant or class or let’s say functional yet comfortable. Well, the adjectives would have no end. But defining what you would like to look is the key for a successful office renovation Singapore.

Depending upon the business requirements, you can style the office renovations so much so that the workplace would never sound boring anymore. A great place to work, however starts with a few pointers.


It’s all about the impression. It’s been a trend in the last few decades to style offices in metallic decor. Sure, that adds an ultimate professional look.

While few companies have played around with wood and plastics too, some innovative ones have styled their workplaces with live decors ranging tiny potted plants to great vertical walls that can grow plants!

SO narrow down on that one concept that will visualize everything that your company stands for. Some abstract thought please! Involving the contractor, the interior designer at this stage is important to materialize the good ideas into great innovations.


Planning budget for office renovation Singapore especially, must always happen in view with realistic expectations. There are so many challenges that may arise as the renovation gains progress. Have you planned for all the unplanned?

Also an in-depth analysis of the material procurement and some brain storming with the contractors will increase cost efficiency and reduce the risk of headaches in future.


Planning the best time to start the renovation and fixing a realistic deadline are key requirements. Renovation may involve plumbing and electric works, also plastering and crack repairs which may have certain temperature and humidity limitations. If the key design has anything organic in nature, weather conditions must also be taken into account. For example, If an office design had a giant wall sized that runs along the actual walls of the office, procurement for the fish and aquarium decor would need a certain season in progress.


Astute planning will never discount safety. Fire and electric hazard safety being the most essential one, make sure you have got it all covered. And as always if creative genius and safety are at loggerheads, Safety is much better bet.

Office renovation Singapore can be tricky, but I hope these pointers will be of some help.

Written by Little