Where To Get Cheap Car Rental In Singapore


If one is searching for cheap Singapore car rental then BizLink Rent-A-Car is a great online spot to have most striking deals at an unbeatable quote. This company’s online car rental service assures easy, quick and trustworthy deals according to the requirement of the customers. The most important thing is that the services are absolutely free of any hidden cost.

It gives the cheapest deals in both budget and luxury car rental service segments. It provides the services daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis as per the requirement. There are a wide variety of budget, luxury, and sports cars available that can be hired on a lease basis.

Car rental rates start from as low as 50$ and can go up to 250$ per day for most of the cars in the budget segment.On weekdays rental is quite cheaper than that of the weekends, which is nearly one-third of the cost but one wish to rent a car for the entire week then the cost goes down further. Various budget cars like Chevrolet Aveo, Mitsubishi Lancer, Fiat Punto, Suzuki Swift and luxury cars Mercz Benz, Toyota Camry and wish can be rented at a very affordable price tag. The cost of leasing a Mercz Benz comes around 120$ per day and if one wishes to lease it for the entire week the cost is about 690$.Most of the budget cars can be leased for a longer duration of one month then the costs sits around 900$ to 4000$.

Customised car rental packages are designed for festive occasions. Throughout this time one can take advantage of the special rental package that costs quite cheaper than any ordinary days of the year. Car rental Sg has never been so easy as it allows the customer to rent a car with three easy steps like choose the preferred model and date of rent, quote the price and the booking is confirmed.

BizLink Rent-A-Car has very flexible car rental policies that need to be followed by the hirer. Once the reservation is confirmed, the customer has the right to change the date and time of taking renting the car but within the 24 hours of booking according to the policy. It provides hassle-free tailor-made services to customers at any point in time with the assurance of minimum rentals.

Written by Linmy